Company Culture

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Enterprise purpose
Unity, pragmatic, efficient and innovative.
Our responsibility is high quality, high efficiency and safety, our ideal is the cause and the civilization.
management idea
Leading, efficient, high taste.
management philosophy
Advocating the pursuit of quality, pursuit of competitive responsibility
The constant pursuit of innovation, the pursuit of excellence, is the inexhaustible power source of enterprise, is the enterprise's development of the capital.
Dedication, teamwork and a strong sense of professionalism is the cohesion of the enterprise.
Specialization and modernization is the unswerving pursuit of business objectives, benefit and efficiency is the soul of enterprise management.
Business creed
Integrity, quality, service, professional.
Employee image
The owner of the enterprise
Stand the tide of market, make the industry pioneer, with giant counterparts, Albert genesis, tree brand hundred years.
service idea
Satisfaction + surprise
Service tenet
Customer first, to meet the needs of customers always ranked first in the work.
Active enthusiasm actively to provide customers with high-quality service.
Polite smile -- is the basic requirements for each employee to customer service should have.
The foundation of unity and cooperation -- harmonious team spirit is the highest efficiency and best service.